Effective Contribution Scheme (ECS)

The Effective Contribution Scheme is:

  • One meeting – once a year
  • Combines the 3 elements for Academic staff: WAMM, PeRP and SDPR so that the discussion about quality and impact is joined up
  • Enables conversations about expectations and flexibility of role
  • Joins up the conversation about role and career development 
  • The route to define the Probation Compact for new staff – no different or additional forms are required.

The aim of the ECS is to allow discussion to ensure that each individual can maximise the quality and impact of their contribution whilst considering their training needs and giving appropriate support to develop staff to be able to perform their role and manage their workload.

During the ECS meeting  personal goals and training needs should be clearly linked to the aims and objectives in the Department/Institute Planning and Budget round submission and to the university’s three core aims; Recruitment, Reputation and Sustainability.

The ECS will enable these discussions to take place.  It will also provide the opportunity for staff to explore health and wellbeing issues and work-life balance.

The combined scheme will also reduce the burden of administration on managers and staff.

Although the combination of SDPR, PeRP and WAMM affects only academic staff, for ease of reference the SDPR process for professional support staff will also be renamed as the Effective Contribution scheme with a focus on their contribution to their Department and the University.

All members of staff are required to undertake their ECS electronically through https://myhr.aber.ac.uk 

Overview of the Effective Contribution Scheme 

To view the NEW Panopto presentation please click here

Guidance for Reviewees

For guidance for reviewees using the Effective Contribution Scheme online portal click on Effective Contribution Scheme Guidance. 

Guidance for Reviewers

For guidance for reviewers using the Effective Contribution Scheme online portal click on ECS Reviewer Online Process Guidance

Guidance for Academic Staff 

Effective Contribution Scheme - Guidance for Academic Staff

Guidance for Non-academic staff 

Effective Contribution Scheme - Guidance for Non-academic Staff

ECS for non-academic staff grade 1 - 5

To enable as many staff as possible to complete their Effective Contribution conversations while we are working under the current exceptional circumstances, a Word-based form for use by staff on Grades 1 -5 has been made available  at the link below:


This form does not require you to access either myhr.aber.ac.uk or PoblAberPeople from home.  The form can be filled in by either the reviewer or reviewee, to record the effective contribution conversation, and should then be submitted to HR by email to: hr@aber.ac.uk.

This will then be recorded in PoblAberPeople and a copy uploaded for the reviewee to access in future.

If you have any questions about how to use this form please contact your HR Business Partner at:  hrbp@aber.ac.uk.