Framework Agreement / HERA


These pages provide information on the changes to the pay and grading structure at Aberystwyth University and on changes to some terms and conditions.

These changes seek to implement the national pay modernisation agreement reached in 2003 and the Memorandum of Understanding reached between UCU and UCEA, the employers’ organisation.

The agreement has been reached between the University and three of the campus trades unions, UCU, Unite and Unison through the Partnership Steering Group on the Modernisation of Pay Structures and its working groups.  The trades unions have each  successfully balloted their members and the agreement is now being implemented with an actual implementation date of 1st March.


  1. Framework Documents and Appeals Documents
  2. Academic Profiles
  3. Administrative, Managerial & Professional Profiles (AMP)
  4. Campus Services Profiles
  5. Clerical Staff Profiles (CS)
  6. Grading Assessment Procedures
  7. Grading of New Roles
  8. Technical & Computer Operator Profiles (TCO)