Transgender Equality Policy Statement for students and staff

1. Introduction

Aberystwyth University will at no time discriminate against people on the grounds of their gender identity or gender expression. 

Where this policy refers to “trans people”, it has in mind a broad range of people whose gender identity is not expressed in ways that are typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. This includes those who have non-binary, non-gender or gender-fluid identities.

Trans staff, students and visitors are treated fairly and in line with Aberystwyth University’s obligations under equality law. Aberystwyth University celebrates and values the diversity of its workforce and student body, and believes that Aberystwyth University will benefit from employing trans people at all levels of responsibility. This will assist in providing role models to staff, and to students.

2. Statement

Aberystwyth University will treat all employees and students with respect and seek to provide a positive working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Aberystwyth University undertakes the following:

2.1  Aberystwyth University will respect the confidentiality of all trans staff and students, and will not reveal information without the prior agreement of the individual.

2.2  Aberystwyth University will provide a supportive environment for staff and students who wish their trans status to be known. However it is the right of the individual to choose whether they wish to be open about their gender identity, trans status or trans history. To “out” someone, whether staff or student without their permission is a form of harassment and, in a number of contexts, may amount to a criminal offence.

2.3  Staff will not be excluded from employment or promotion or be redeployed against their wishes because of their gender identity.

2.4  Requests to change name and gender records will be handled promptly and staff and students will be made aware of any implications of the changes. This will be handled at the highest level of confidentiality within the necessary teams.  

2.5  Aberystwyth University will work towards all staff and students records having the use of gender neutral pronouns and titles.

2.6  Staff and students attending consultations, and undergoing surgical and or medical procedures related to gender confirmation, will receive tailored support from Aberystwyth University to meet their particular needs during this period.

2.7  Students will not be denied access to courses, progression to other courses, or fair and equal treatment while on courses because of their gender identity or because they propose to, or have transitioned. This includes aspects of their course both on campus and at other locations deemed a necessary part of their study.

2.8  The curriculum shall not rely on or reinforce stereotypical assumptions about trans people, and any materials within relevant courses and modules will positively represent trans people and trans lives.

2.9  In providing accommodation for students, any concerns or issues raised by trans students are handled by the accommodation office for University provided accommodation, and by the responsible member of staff for off-site accommodation booked as a recognised part of a course (with the support of the Institute Equality Champion). 

2.10  Transphobic abuse, harassment or bullying (including, but not limited to name calling/derogatory remarks, unacceptable or unwanted behaviour, intrusive questions) are serious disciplinary offences and will be dealt with under the appropriate procedure.

2.11 Transphobic propaganda, in the form of written materials, graffiti, music or speeches, will not be tolerated. Aberystwyth University undertakes to remove any such propaganda whenever, wherever and in whatever format.

2.12  Aberystwyth University includes gender identity issues in equality training for all staff.

2.13  Aberystwyth University welcomes and will provide appropriate facilities for trans student and staff groups.

2.14  Aberystwyth University includes gender identity in internal attitudinal surveys, and when monitoring complaints of harassment. Consultation on policy changes and other aspects of university life will take place with the internal LGBT networks, and with relevant external networks.

2.15  Aberystwyth University will ensure that its environment, in terms of its pictures, images, publicity materials and literature, reflects the diversity of its staff and students.

3. Equality Impact Assessment

The University is committed to embedding the Equality Scheme into its policies, procedures and practices. The above policy statement has been written jointly with HR, Trade Unions, Student Support Services and the Director of Equality and is based on guidelines issued by Equality Challenge Unit (2016).

Policy Review

Human Resources will co-ordinate a review of this policy in order to maintain compliance with legislation and good practice. The review will be undertaken in liaison with the recognised trade unions and any proposed amendments will be submitted to the appropriate relevant committee, University Executive and Council if required.

Version 1.1

Last Reviewed: May 2020

Review Date: May 2023