Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

What is the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)?

The allowance can be used to provide the necessary, extra support that students with disabilities need. Its aim is to provide funding for items that will help level the playing field.

Further information about DSA and how to apply

What can be provided?

The DSA is there to provide funding to cover the extra costs that arise as a result of your HE course, and as a direct consequence of your disability. The DSA can provide human support, equipment, and help towards other general disability-related costs, and travelling. It cannot fund: disability-related costs that you would have whether you were a student or not, and study costs that every student might have.

Who can apply for the DSA?

In general, any Higher Education student who has a disability can apply (including those with Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia).

Where do I start?

Please see the Application Procedure section below for full information. In the first instance your funding body need to be informed of you intention to apply for the DSA, for Aberystwyth University students you can contact the Accessibility Services (accessibility@aber.ac.uk).

Application Procedure

Step One

You must first contact your Funding Body to inform them that you intend to apply for the DSA. They will send you a form to fill in and return this along with medical evidence of your disability (which in the case of Dyslexic students this must be a recent Educational Psychologists report). This can be done in conjunction with the Disability Advisor, or the Dyslexia Unit (as appropriate).

Step Two

On receipt of the letter from the Funding Body confirming eligibility for DSA, contact an Access Centre to arrange an Assessment of Needs interview/assessment. Send a copy of your medical evidence/Educational Psychologists report to the Access Centre within 5 working days otherwise the appointment may have to be cancelled.

The University's Access Centre is the Aberystwyth University Access Centre. For more information, see below. 

We recommend conducting your Needs Assessment through Aberystwyth University Access Centre, but Assessments may be conducted at alternative locations throughout the UK.

Step Three

Attend your Study Needs Assessment. At this stage you will usually come to the Access Centre, and we will discuss your disability needs. We will write a report recommending the relevant support etc.

Step Four

You will be asked to read the report we produce, before it is sent to the Funding Body. It is your application, and you need to be happy with it before it is sent to your Funding Body. If strategies are agreed during the assessment interview and no further research is necessary, this draft report stage can be omitted by mutual consent between you and the assessor, however we recommend you check the report before it goes to the Funding Body.

Step Five

Your report is sent to the Funding Body (and copied to you). The Funding Body decides which of our recommendations they can pay for with the DSA fund. They should write to you to inform you of the outcome of the assessment.

Step Six

Once you have confirmation that the Funding Body will fund the recommended support etc. you should provide the supplier of the support with a copy of the letter (e.g. student services, the dyslexia unit or equipment supplier). The supplier must have confirmation that the Funding Body will pay for the services and equipment supplied.
In the case of study support at the dyslexia unit, you can usually take this before the Funding Body has contacted you. Other things such as equipment cannot be supplied with out the Funding Body's confirmation.

Additional Information

Once you have had your needs assessment Aberystwyth University Access Centre aim to have your report ready for you to read within a fortnight.
Additional support and equipment can be provided later in your course, if a need arises. The Access Centre will need to discuss the additional need with you, and will send a letter to the Funding Body requesting any further items.

The Aberystwyth University Access Centre works to the following timescales:

What we will do


Offer you an appointment for an Assessment of Needs once you have received Funding Body confirmation

... immediate

Offer you an appointment for an Assessment of Needs that falls within...

... the next 15 working days

After you have had your assessment, we will send you a draft copy of the report to read through (and agree with by completing the accompanying slip)...

... within 10 working days of your assessment appointment

Agree and make any changes to your Assessment report once we have heard back from you...

... within 1 working day

Send the final copy of your Assessment of Needs report to your funding body...

... within 1 working day

Send you a final copy of your Assessment of Needs report...

... within 3 working days


Aberystwyth Access Centre

nnac - national network of assessment centresThe Aberystwyth Access Centre is an outreach centre for the Bangor University Access Centre. Here you will find information about what services the Centre offers, and how you can use them.

We provide Study Needs Assessments for students who are eligible for the DSA, which involves talking to you about your disability and the barriers you experience and then recommending the support strategies and equipment which will allow you to access your education on a level playing field with your peers.

Where is the Access Centre?

The outreach service at Aberystwyth University is in the Welcome Centre on the Penglais Campus, where you can access a range of services.

If you have difficulty finding the building, the main reception at the entrance to the campus can help.

Sat Nav: SY23 3FB

Aberystwyth University Map

Bangor Access Centre

Why choose Aberystwyth Outreach Centre?

  • We provide a friendly professional service;
  • We provide high quality assessments and reports;
  • We are student focused and receive excellent feedback regarding the service.


Office Hours

Personnel will be available to answer student calls and queries.

Needs Assessments

Assessors are available to carry out needs assessments.


9am to 5.00pm

10am to 3pm


9am to 5.00pm

10am to 3pm


9am to 5.00pm

10am to 3pm


9am to 5.0pm

10am to 3pm


9am to 4.00pm

10am to 3pm







Our accreditation number is: 110667


Contact the Access Centre

Student Support
Student Welcome Centre
Penglais Campus
SY23 3FB
Tel: 01248 388101
Email: canolfan_access@bangor.ac.uk / access_centre@bangor.ac.uk

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 9am till 5.00pm, Friday 9am till 4.00pm except for Bank Holidays.