During your years of study there are plenty of things you can be doing that will help you recognise what career paths will interest you in the future, will provide you with a great range of skills and experiences, and will allow you to make the most of your time at University.


Looking for work experience?

You’ll find loads of links in the General Resources below for all kinds of work opportunities. But, before you look through those, have you considered the Year in Employment Scheme? Or what about checking what opportunities the ABERforward placement scheme can offer you?  If it's local part-time work you are seeking then there are plenty of options for you.

You might also want to consider being entrepreneurial/freelance.  There is plenty of support and information on being self-employed on offer, check out further details on our AberPreneurs page.

Why not find a mentor to offer you practical hints and tips on the career path of interest to you?  Check out our building a network page for more information on our eMentoring system.

Once you have found interesting work experience options make sure you are prepared to make really impressive applications by checking out our pages on

Writing an effective CV

Application Forms (PDF)

Interview skills


General Resources

Prospects website is the official source of graduate and undergraduate careers and vacancy information. It covers graduate careers, occupations, employers, vacancies, application methods and help with career choice.

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The Careers Service subscribes to the GoinGlobal database (available to AU students and staff only) which includes country guides, an employer directory and jobs and internship opportunities worldwide. You can access the database from AU computers on campus. To gain access off campus, you can either use a VPN connection or else set up a personal account on the GoinGlobal website from a computer on campus which will then allow off-campus access.  


Voluntary Work/Charities (UK)


Voluntary Work Abroad



Hints and tips on things to do in each year of study

Skills you will need for your future

Whatever career path you ultimately decide to follow you will need to evidence all the skills that you have to show what you are capable of achieving.  Your academic studies, hobbies, work experience, clubs and societies, industrial placements and social life will have given you plenty of chances to build an extensive skills set.  For help in recognising and recording these effectively to impress employers check out our AberGrad pages.