Welcome! There are a number of reasons for embarking on a course of further study. Some postgraduate students have a good idea of what they want to do when they finish their course - indeed the course they have chosen is often a stepping stone towards a future career. Others, however, are still unclear about what they want to do.

The Careers Service is experienced in helping postgraduates identify and act upon their most promising options, and is dedicated to offering a tailored and high-quality service to you, as a postgraduate, whether your requirements are precise or as yet uncertain. In practice, we find that most postgraduates benefit from a one-to-one discussion with a careers consultant about their current situation and future plans.

Know what you want to do?

Well done! You are in an excellent position to make the most of this year (or two) and to leave Aberystwyth with the next step of your career in place.

  • If you haven't done so already, research the career you have in mind on the national Prospects website - paying particular attention to the skills and qualifications required, entry routes and sources of vacancies.
  • Search our vacancies and events database ABERcareers for relevant jobs. Whilst many employers, including small and medium-sized employers (SMEs), recruit on a year-round basis, some vacancies have closing dates as early as Christmas or Easter.
  • Make the most of the careers resources available to you - and make sure you get help on writing CVs, covering letters and application forms and preparing for interviews and assessment centres. We contribute workshops to the central Aberystwyth Researcher Programme and also run our own Employability Events Programme - not all sessions run every term, so do try to plan ahead.
  • Look at our events too, for employer presentations - be aware that many of these take place during the autumn term.
  • Think about taking time out after you finish to travel or gain work experience - but think carefully about what you might want to achieve with that time and how it fits in with your other plans.
  • Talk with a careers consultant about your ideas and to get your first applications checked over.

Not sure what you want to do?

If you don't have any ideas, or are not sure, about what you want to do, don't panic; there's no absolutely right or wrong time to get started. The Careers Service is happy to help you and you certainly won't be the first postgraduate student to come in saying, "I don't know what I want to do"! Do bear in mind, however, that you will have lots of other things to occupy your time so try not to leave it too long before coming in. When you are ready to start thinking about it:

  • Try out the on-line Prospects Planner for help in deciding what you might like to do. Have a look, too, at subject specific information for ideas of where your degree could take you.
  • Come and talk with a careers consultant as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to think about your options and make a start on planning for your future.
  • Think about taking time out after you finish to travel or gain work experience - but think carefully about what you might want to achieve with that time.

These might be your final years at university - manage your time to make the most of opportunities to study, work and benefit from extra curricular activities and try to give yourself some time to think about life after you graduate - the time will fly past extremely quickly.

See Contact Us for advice on seeing a careers consultant and for a description of all the services we offer. Feel free to visit us and remember that you can use us throughout your time at Aberystwyth and for as long as you need us afterwards - we're here to help.