Defi Fet Scholarship

This scholarship is available to high-performing students who undertake their studies through the medium of Welsh over the five years of their degree.  They will receive £500 a year and mentoring from an experienced mentor in the field in Wales. Applicants must apply before they commence at Aberystwyth University.  While at Aberystwyth University, scholarship holders must study at least 40 credits a year through the medium of Welsh.  They are also expected to participate in Welsh medium (WM) activities, assist in teaching Welsh to fellow students, write assessments in Welsh and complete more than 50% of their Animal husbandry Extra Mural Studies (AHEMS) at WM farms.  While at RVC,  scholarship holders must undertake more than 50% of their Clinical Extra Mural Studies (EMS) in Wales in a Welsh or Welsh/English bilingual environment.  Placement hosts will certify the Welsh medium aspects.  One scholarship is available annually.  The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Excellent school / university grades
  • Motivation to study through the medium of Welsh assessed via a written piece of 500 words on a set subject
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Holding Aberystwyth University as first choice, including proof of this

You must include proof that you hold Aberystwyth University as your first choice (e.g. e-mail from UCAS). Attach the proof on the next page. Applications without this proof will not be considered.