Current Research Students and their Projects



Thomas Alcott What social and cultural factors inform UK fan investment in the characters of professional wrestling? 
Judit Bodor

Exhibiting The Ivor Davies Archive of Destruction (in) Art: an exploration of curatorial processes in presenting historical performance art in the Museum, through observation, case studies and practice

Gregor Cameron

Re-performing Who: Tracing Theatre Technique Through Television Time

Matthew Caven

A decade of change: television and society in Wales in the 1970s

Marios Chatziprkopiou Dangerous Acts? The Performance and Politics of Lament in Contemporary Greece
Tracy Evans The Birth of the Maternal Subject: Narrative, rhythm and caesura in an autobiographical practice of birthstory-telling
Lee Hassall I Have Played The Fool.
Wei-Juei Wendy Hsieh Bajiajiang as Religious Theatre: Belief, People, and Transformation of a Ritual Practice 
Kieran Holland Running and Performance: An embodied and performative examination of recreational distance running.
Emma Heron Wales, Womanhood and Me: A PaR Exploration of Postcolonial Female Identity in the Liverpool Welsh Community
Paul Jones How do artworks that appear antagonistic or absurd reveal inconsistencies and irrationalities in the construction and maintenance of geo-political border identities?
Lara Kipp

Aesthetics of Tragedy: Tracing the Sublime in Howard Barker’s Scenography

Kerrie Reading

Animating Documents: Accessing and Making Live The Histories of Venues: Applying contemporary methods of performance practice as a means to make visible the history of alternative venues, with a focus on Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Jess Rose Re-Compositions of Rural 'Welsh Pride' Documents

Alaw Gwyn Rossington 

Sut y gall y theatr i gynulleidfaoedd ifanc fynd i'r afael â materion iechyd meddwl ymhlith pobl ifanc.
Jennifer Spence

Intra-Fandom Conflicts, Virtual Heteropias and the Controversy of Real Person Fiction 

Jamie Terrill An investigation of rural Welsh cinemas: their histories, memories and communities.
Ashley Wallington (In)authentic Tendencies: Postdramatic Theatre with Young People.
James Woolley Towards a Queer Archive of Performance.
 Madara Veipa

Coverage of the Russian minority in Latvian language media and its role within Russo-Latvian socio-political relations.


Alaw Gwyn Rossington.