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Agriculture, Law and the Environment
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Distance Learning

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Other Private study on DL units; Preparation and submission of written assignment; Additional research and private study


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Semester Assessment Module Assessment  Written Assignment of 5,000 words  100%

Brief description

This module will cover the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its interaction with the environment. The aims, objectives and legal structure of the CAP will be examined; as will the growing role of the Farm Structures Policy within the CAP. The module also looks at the range of agri-environment measures that exist within the CAP, particularly the agri-environment regulation 2078 of 1992. The module is also concerned with the integration of environmental concerns into market management. There will also be an examination of Agenda 2000 and its potential for reform.

Reading List

Recommended Text
Hawke, Neil Agri-environmental law and policy Document 20. Read: Chapter 4 (1998) London : Cavendish Primo search Hawke, Neil Agri-environmental law and policy Document 23. Read: Chapter 5 (1998) London : Cavendish Primo search House of Commons Environmentally sensitive areas and other schemes under the Agri-environment Regulation Document 24. Read: Volume 1 (2nd report, 1996-7) London : Stationery Office Primo search McMahon, Joseph A. Law of the Common Agricultural Policy Document 1. Read: Chapters 1 & 2 Longman Primo search Pearce Blueprint 3 Document 13. Read: Chapters. 2&8 (1993) Earthscan Publications Primo search Potter, Clive Against the grain Document 18. Read: Chapter 5 (1998) CAB International Primo search Potter, Clive Against the grain Document 19. Read: Chapter 4 (1998) CAB International Primo search Snyder, Francis New directions in European Community law Document 3. Read: pp.100-146 - Snyder,F., The special legal status of Agriculture (1990) London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson Primo search Agrarian Land Law in the Western World Document 2. Read: Chapter 1 - Van Der Velde,O and Snyder F., Agrarian Land law in the European Community (2993) CAB International Primo search Agriculture,Conservation and Land Use Document 4. Read: Chapter 9 - Wathern P., Less Favoured and Environmentally Sensitive Areas: a European Dimension to the rural environment. edition n.e. Univ.Wales P. Primo search CAP Regimes and the European Countryside Document 6. Read: Chapter 12 - Buller H The Agri-Environment Measures CAB International Primo search Nature Conservation and Countryside Law Document 21. Read: Chapter 5 - Rodgers C. Environmental Gain, Set Aside and the Implementation of EU Agricultural Reform in the United Kingdom (1996) Univ.Wales P. Primo search COM documents Document 11. Read: Indicators for the Integration of Environmental Concerns into the Common Agricultural Policy (COM (2000) 20 final) COM documents Document 12. Read: Directions Towards Sustainable Agriculture COM (1999) 22 Final COM documents Document 17. Read: Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the application of Council Regulation (EEC) 2078/92 COM(97) 620 final COM documents Document 7. Read: Agenda 2000 For a Wider and Stronger Union COM (97) 2000 final pp22-34 Common market law reports Document 9. Read: R v. Secretary of State for the Environment ex parte Standley [1999] 85 CMLR 902 DGVI Working Document VI/7655/98, Evaluation of Agri-Environment Programmes Document 16. Drake Law Review Document 22. Read: Hawke N, Set Aside and Environmental Protection (1997) 45 Drake Law Review 219-231 European Court reports Document 10. Read: Case 292/97 Kjell Karlsson [2000] Judgement of the Court (Sixth Chamber) given on 13 April 2000 Official journal of the European Communities:L Document 14. Read: Commission Regulation (EC) 1750/1999, OJ L214, 13.8.99 Official journal of the European Communities:L Document 5. Read: Council Regulation (EC) 2078/92 Official journal of the European Communities:L Document 8. Read: Council Regulation (EC) 1257/99 on support for rural development from the European Agricultural guidance and Guarantee Fund Towards Sustainable Agriculture: A Pilot Set of Indicators (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and F Document 15.
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This module is at CQFW Level 7