University Calendar

The University Calendar is a schedule of the key committee dates during an academic year, which form part of Aberystwyth University’s governance and decision-making processes.

Other important dates are also included for information.

How to access the Calendar

The University no longer publishes a 'static’ version of the Calendar in PDF form. All information is now contained within the 'live' electronic Calendar which can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

The calendar account is updated throughout the academic year by the Governance Department to reflect any amendments or additions to committee dates.

Information Services has produced the following FAQ documents:

How do I open the University calendar? (Outlook 2010/13)

How do I open the University calendar? (Outlook Web Access)

How can I add an appointment from the University Calendar to my own calendar

Further technical support can be provided by Information Services.

How to add events to the Calendar

  1. Create a ‘meeting’ in your personal Outlook calendar
  2. Invite to that event
  3. In the ‘Subject’ line put the Welsh Title of the event/meeting
  4. In the ‘Location’ line put the English Title of the event/meeting

Your event will then appear in the University Calendar once this has been reviewed and approved.

Should you wish to amend any events listed on the University Calendar which you did not originally create, please send an e-mail request to