Governing Documents

Aberystwyth University, founded in 1872, is a chartered institution whose Royal Charter was first awarded in 1889, and currently functions under its most recent Supplemental Royal Charter as revised in 2018. The University is also a registered charity (number 1145141).

The University meets its many obligations and accountabilities through the following governance structure:

  1. The Charter defines the objects, powers and officers of the University, and principles such as the power to teach and examine.
  2. The Statutes comprise the rules concerning statutory bodies, members and officers of the University institution.
  3. The Ordinances concern how the University is governed within the general framework of the Charter and Statutes.

The Council is the University’s supreme governing body while the Senate is responsible for academic governance. Both bodies are established by Charter.

Any proposals to revise the Charter and Statutes need approval from the Privy Council.


Aberystwyth University’s Ordinances are approved by Council, on the recommendation of the Charter Committee. The Senate is also consulted on proposed changes to Ordinances relating to academic matters.

Each Ordinance can be downloaded as single PDF files:

Ordinance 01 - Members of the University

Ordinance 02 - The Chancellor and the Pro-Chancellors

Ordinance 03 - The Vice-Chancellor

Ordinance 04 - The Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Pro Vice-Chancellors

Ordinance 05 - The Council: Statement of Primary Responsibilities

Ordinance 06 - The Council: Chair of Council and Deputy Chair of Council

Ordinance 07 - The Council: Clerk to the Council

Ordinance 08 - The Council: Membership

Ordinance 09 - The Council: Independent Members

Ordinance 10 - The Council: Co-opted Members

Ordinance 11 - The Council: Senate Members

Ordinance 12 - The Council: Election of Non-academic Staff Member

Ordinance 13 - The Council: Quorum

Ordinance 14 - The Council: Custody and Use of the Common Seal

Ordinance 15 - The Senate: Statement of Primary Responsibilities

Ordinance 16 - The Senate: Membership

Ordinance 17 - The Senate: Election of Departmental Representatives

Ordinance 18 - The Senate: Election of Non-academic Representatives

Ordinance 19 - The Court

Ordinance 20 - Appointment of Representatives of the University on Other Bodies

Ordinance 21 - Academic Units

Ordinance 22 - Headship of Faculties

Ordinance 23 - Appointment and Promotion of Academic Staff

Ordinance 24 - Appointment of Honorary and Visiting Staff

Ordinance 25 - Conferment of Emeritus title

Ordinance 26 - The Organisation of Students

Ordinance 27 - Recognised Association of the Former Students of the University

Ordinance 28 - Service of Notices and Documents

Ordinance 29 - The Visitor

Ordinance 30 - Student Disciplinary Procedure

Ordinance 31 - Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures relating to the Vice-Chancellor

Ordinance 32 - Disciplinary Procedure

Ordinance 33 - Grievance Procedure

Ordinance 34 - Redundancy Avoidance Policy

Ordinance 35 - Managing Sickness Absence Policy

Ordinance 36 - Collective Grievance Procedure

Ordinance 37 - Disciplinary Procedure during Probation

Ordinance 38 - Transitional Provisions