3.13 Templates


UAPF Investigation Report Form  
Letter A Confirmation of UAP following investigation by the Chair of the Examination Board
Letter B Initial letter to student (Investigation by Faculty Panel)
Letter C Initial letter to student (investigation by University Panel)
Letter D Confirmation of penalty by the Academic Registry
Letter E Confirmation letter from the Academic Registry to student (allegation not substantiated


Monitoring Student Progress

 Monitoring Academic Progress - Timeline  


 All letters to be sent by email and by post to the term and home address, and a copy of the Academic Regulation on Academic Progress to be enclosed

Template A Letter requiring student to attend meeting with the Institute Director
If the student has previously failed to attend a meeting with the Institute Director and has been issued with Template B, the following section should be added to Template A:
You should note that this is your final opportunity to attend this meeting. If you do not attend, a recommendation will be submitted that you should be excluded from the University.
Template B Outcome letter following meeting with Institute Director
Template C Record of Meeting with Institute Director (or Nominee)
Template D Warning to students who fail to attend meeting with Institute Director
Template E Recommendation for Exclusion
TEMPLATES F and G – to be used during Term 3 This letter should only be issued where the student does not provide acceptable reasons for poor performance, or does not refer to special circumstances.
Template F letter following a meeting during Term 3 
Template G warning to students who fail to attend a meeting


Coursework Extensions

Flow Chart  
Extension Officers  
Coursework Extension Request Form  


Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances Form PDF
Special Circumstances Form Word


Examination Board

 Departmental Examination Board Template Agenda
 Exam Board Minute Template Section A - Student Business
 Exam Board Minute Template Section B - Analysis of Examination Data