Uni Kit Out

Essential Student Packs with 10% discount!

When starting university life and moving to a new city or country, it’s difficult deciding what to bring with you. Why not take the hassle out of buying and transporting your bedding and kitchen items by pre-ordering from our friends at Uni Kit Out.

Choose from a range of essential items to be delivered to your residence so that they’re ready for your arrival. Uni Kit Out’s packs are ideal for international students moving to the UK or those students who may have to travel a long distance to get to your residence.

All you need to do is visit the Uni Kit Out page, choose the items you want, select your residence, then confirm and pay for your goods. The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your residence so it is there ready and waiting for you when you arrive, leaving you to quickly settle into your new and exciting environment.

Furthermore, enter promotional code: ABER17 to receive a 10% discount!

Please note:

  • Please check your bed size before you place your order. Some residences have varying bed sizes, so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you check the residence page on our Types of Accommodation webpages.
  • In order for these items to be delivered before your arrival, you must order within enough time. This will give Uni Kit Out time to pack your goods and send them to your residence by the time you move in.
  • For any enquiries relating to product information or delivery schedules please contact Uni Kit Out directly on +44 203 475 4751.
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