Ancient TL Volume 29 No.1

June 2011

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What date is it? Should there be an agreed datum for luminescence dating? (PDF)
G.A.T. Duller
p. 1

Dose-rate conversion factors: update  (PDF)
G. Guérin, N. Mercier, G.Adamiec

p. 5

Error analysis and modelling of double saturating exponential dose response curves from SAR OSL dating (PDF)
G.W. Berger and R. Chen

p. 9

Core drilling of Quaternary sediments for luminescence dating using the Dormer Drillmite(TM)  (PDF)
K. Munyikwa, M. Telfer, I. Baker and C. Knight

p. 15

Thesis abstracts   (PDF)
C. Ankjaergaard
D. Pflanz
C. Lüthgens
F. Davids
L. Wacha

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p. 27
Bibliography (PDF)
p. 29
Letters (PDF)
R. Galbraith
G.W. Berger

p. 41
p. 48
Errata: Estimating the error in equivalent dose values obtained from SAR (PDF)
G.W. Berger
p. 51

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Originally published in 2011 from
Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Ceredigion SY23 3DB, UK

6 June 2011