Ancient TL Volume 24 No.1

June 2006

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Spatial variation of dose rate from beta sources as measured using single grains (PDF)
M. Ballarini, A.G. Wintle and J. Wallinga

p. 1
Analysis of quartz LM-OSL curves  (PDF) Supplementary data...
J.H Choi, G.A.T. Duller and A.G. Wintle
p. 9
An effective and reusable sampling pipe for luminescence dating (PDF)
H.N. Chandel, A.D. Patel, H.R. Vaghela and G.P. Ubale
p. 21

Thesis abstract (PDF)
S. Ante

p. 23
Bibliography (PDF)
p. 25

Conference Announcement  (PDF)
UK Luminescence and ESR meeting, Liverpool, UK, September 2006

p. 31

ISSN 0735-1348

Originally published in 2006 from
Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Ceredigion SY23 3DB, UK

9 January 2012