Volume 27 No.2

December 2009

Title & Author
The Clermont radiometric reference rocks: a convenient tool for dosimetric purposes   (PDF)
D. Miallier, G. Guérin, N. Mercier, T. Pilleyre and S. Sanzelle
p. 37
The “AGE” program for the calculation of luminescence age estimates   (PDF)
[ZIP file associated with this paper]
R. Grün
p. 45
Single grain OSL analysis: A discussion of how to clean and check single-grain discs   (PDF)
A.D. Davies and D.C.W. Sanderson
p. 47
Thesis abstracts   (PDF)
G.I. Lopez
D. Steffen
Y-X. Fan
H. Friis
M. Demuro
J. Kim
p. 51
p. 52
p. 53
p. 55
p. 55
p. 56
p. 59
Bibliography (PDF)
p. 59
Announcements (PDF)
- 7th New World Luminescence Dating Workshop, Montreal, September 2010
- Erratum: LED laboratory lighting
  G.W. Berger and C. Kratt

p. 69


ISSN 0735-1348

Originally published in 2009 from
Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Ceredigion SY23 3DB, UK

28 December 2009