Ancient TL Volume 29 No.2

December 2011

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Effect of single-grain versus multi-grain aliquots in determining age for K-feldspars from southwestern British Columbia (PDF)
J. Feathers and J. Tunnicliffe
p. 53

Optical dating of young feldspars: the zeroing question  (PDF)
J. Ollerhead and D.J. Huntley

p. 59

On the luminescence signal of empty sample carriers (PDF) Supplementary Information (PDF)
C. Schmidt, S. Kreutzer, M. Fattahi, R. Bailey, A. Zander and L. Zoller

p. 65

Thesis Abstracts   (PDF)
R. Nathan
T. Rossenburg
T. Lauer

p. 75
p. 75
p. 76
Bibliography (PDF)
p. 79

J.R. Prescott (PDF)
G.W. Berger  (PDF)

p. 89
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Announcements (PDF)
UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 2012, Aberystwyth´╗┐
p. 93

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Originally published in 2011 from
Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Ceredigion SY23 3DB, UK

4 January 2012