Please note: This is version 1.2 of DRAC and is currently under development.

DRAC — Calculator

DRAC will calculate dose rates for up to 100 samples at a time. Users should copy and paste data from their DRAC template file into the data box below and press calculate.

DRAC will return an error if fields are not correctly populated. If an error message is returned, please double-check your data input and refer to the user guide.

Users should note that all calculations in DRAC are made prior to rounding, although all values reported in the output table are given to 3 decimal places. Users may therefore note a small discrepancy between the age reported by DRAC and the value calculated when dividing De by Ḋ using the values from the output table. This does not represent an error in calculation, but rather the effects of rounding.

DRAC v1.2 — Release date: September 2016

DRAC source code is available at and is licensed under GPLv3.

Disclaimer: DRAC has been checked and tested extensively to ensure a mathematically correct Ḋ calculation. With the information contained on this website, in the accompanying journal article and in the open access source code, it is intended that the calculation process is clear and transparent. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they are satisfied with this calculation process and that their data input is accurate. A significant amount of time, care and attention has been dedicated to the construction of DRAC, however we as authors are not responsible for miscalculation as a result of the use of this calculator.