Please note: This is version 1.2 of DRAC and is currently under development.

DRAC — News


A function for DRAC has been added to the R Luminescence package (version 0.6.0, release date 30/05/16; Kreutzer et al., 2016), where the ‘use_DRAC( )’ function provides an interface between the R package and DRAC and ‘template_DRAC( )’ creates a DRAC input template for use in ‘use_DRAC( )’.

Instructions for using this function in the R Luminescence package can be found here Information on the Luminescence package can be found at


September 2016 – update to DRAC v 1.2


  • The gamma scaling function was not operational in v1.1. This has been corrected and tested.
  • Restrictions on the input of cosmic dose rate parameters (TI:43-49) in the presence of user cosmic dose rate (TI:50-51) has been removed.
  • DRAC Input and Output templates are now available in .csv format.
  • Aesthetic modifications have been made to the DRAC input and output templates.
  • Supplementary information updated.