Procedure for Grading of New Roles

1. Institute Directors/Heads of Service Departments proposing to submit a request for a new post should liaise with their HR Manager to ensure that the post is analysed and scored using the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) process prior to the proposal being submitted to the University Executive Group. This analysis would include matching the new role to an appropriate Role Profile.

2. Proposals for new posts should be submitted to the University Executive Group by the Institute Director/Head of Service Department.

3. If the post is approved in principle, but the duties and responsibilities are changed, the job description should be returned to HR for rescoring under HERA.

4. Any change in proposed grade would be re-submitted to the University Executive Group.

5. The University is committed to embedding the Single Equality Scheme into its policies, procedures and practices. This procedure has been equality impact assessed in accordance with this scheme.