Health and Wellbeing Policy

Annex A

In matters relating to stress, the University recognises that the Trade Unions hold specific responsibilities as set out by the HSE indicated below. The Trade Unions have a responsibility to:

  1. take a proactive and leading role in improving their members’ working conditions.
  2. monitor the employer’s performance
  3. ensure the employer cooperates effectively with them to implement agreed control measures to prevent stress-related illness ever becoming an issue
  4. ensure that anyone who bullies will be treated as a workplace hazard and be risk assessed to prevent recurrence
  5. ensure that workloads are reasonable and mutually agreed with individual members of staff
  6. ensure that hours are controlled
  7. ensure that decision-making is agreed not imposed and generally defend their members
  8. be permitted sufficient time off to undertake safety representative function effectively
  9. have open access to management information
  10. share the development of policy via appropriate joint consultation, negotiation and agreement.