Late Submission Policy


These are the steps to take:

  1. Teachers/tutors will need to inform their students of the deadlines for all assignments which will be detailed on all course documentation.
  2. There can be a deadline of 1 calendar month after the course to submit work without penalty, at the Coordinators discretion with certain circumstances.
  3. The student and tutor need to inform the Coordinator of any problems or requests for extensions. This will be logged by the Coordinator.
  4. After the first month, the assignment will be assessed and moderated in the usual way, however 10% of the marks will be deducted per week.
  5. We can receive work up to 2 months after the deadline, and the assignments will be assessed and moderated in the usual way, but the student will only receive up to a pass: 40% maximum. Work received after this time will not be assessed.


 We will follow the general guidance from the University:

Students must consult their departments’ published procedures for assessments that are unavoidably submitted late. Special Circumstances will normally only be considered on the following grounds, with appropriate supporting documentation:

  • Illness – short or long term (with cover letter from doctor)
  • Severe personal/family problems (e.g. family bereavement), major accommodation problems.

The following will not be considered as Special Circumstances:

  • Computer failure (you should ensure adequate backups)
  • Printer queues (you should manage your time better)
  • Lack of access to resources (better planning will ensure this does not happen)
  • Illness for which a medical certificate is not available
  • Poor time management
  • More than one deadline on the same day
  • Inability to answer question or struggling with the material
  • Performance Productions, or Departmental study trips
  • Non-Academic activities