Mid Years

The beginning of your second year (and third year too for those of you on 4 year integrated Master’s programmes) is a good time to start thinking about what you are going to do after graduation.  To take full advantage of a range of work experience opportunities that will now be open to you, consider these action points to get you started.

Apply for internships

Gaining in depth work experience is a great way to really understand what you enjoy doing in a work situation and what you don’t like. It also gives you a real understanding of the expectations that future employers will have with regard to your abilities and attitudes to work. 

  1. If your course offers and integrated industrial year, then now is the time to start exploring options and seeing what vacancies are on offer. 
  2. If you don’t have the option of an integrated industrial year then the Year in Employment Scheme is the option for you, giving you the chance to undertake a year-long internship whatever degree subject you are studying. 
  3. If 12 months of work experience is not to you taste then start thinking about using the long summer holiday as a means of gaining an internship. 

You’ll need to start thinking about this as soon as possible so you can take advantage of all the vacancies on offer.

To start your internship search go to the Sourcing Work Experience and Finding and Applying for Jobs web pages.

Research graduate level employment and further study

Start exploring sectors that might be of interest to you and the types of employers for whom you would like to work. Explore the Choosing a Career, Subject Specific and Finding and Applying for Jobs pages to help you get started. You should also consider attending employer events to explore what opportunities are available and learn about different job roles and sectors.  If you are considering postgraduate study look at Thinking About PG Study.

Build up your professional network and brand

It is important to develop your professional network to source work experience opportunities and build your reputation as a professional. You also need to make sure you are engaging with potential employers and attending employer events and fairs. The Careers Service can help you to develop your network so check out the Building a Network, , Careers Workshops and Being Work Ready pages as well as attending events that are featured on campus throughout the year.