Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Action Research and Reflective Practice in HE (Sept start)
Academic Year
Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)

Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Reflective Diary.  Reflective diary kept throughout the year, including reflections on the induction , CPD attendance, attendance at action learning sets plus a `good practice day, master teacher day? (2,000 words).  35%
Semester Assessment Action-research projects.  Two action-research projects based in the participants own departmental context (5,000 words).  55%
Semester Assessment Presentation.  A peer-assessed presentation of one of the teaching cycle projects  10%
Supplementary Assessment Reflective diary.  Reflective diary kept throughout the year, including reflections on the induction, CPD attendance, attendance at action learning sets plus a `good practice day? (2,000 words). This needs to show that comments from feedback have been addressed  35%
Supplementary Assessment Action-research projects.  Two new action-research projects based in the participants own departmental context (5,000 words).  55%
Supplementary Assessment Presentation.  A new peer-assessed presentation of one of the teaching cycle projects.  10%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1a. Demonstrate expertise in the range of methods used to assess and give feedback to learners (AA3).
1b. Demonstrate proficiency in giving appropriate student support and guidance and creating effective learning environments (AA4)
1c. Demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development, pedagogic research and evaluating the impact of a variety of teaching methods on student learning (AA5)

2a. Demonstrate expertise in their chosen subject areas as well as expertise in deploying a range of teaching and learning methods in that subject area (CK1&2).
2b. Demonstrate a critical understanding of how their students learn most effectively, both generally and within their chosen discipline area (CK3).
2c. Critically reflect on the usefulness and applications of the most recent technology-enhanced learning developments in Higher Education (CK4).
2d. Show an ability to critically evaluate and apply a range of methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching (CK5).
2e Demonstrate a critical understanding of academic practice and leadership, including quality assurance and enhancement processes in teaching, learning and assessment (CK5).

3. Demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to the professional values contained within the UK professional standards framework for teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education (PV1-4).

Please note that bracketed elements refer to the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF) 2011.

Brief description

This work-based module focuses on research methods for teaching and learning in higher education. It looks at ‘theories of change’ and other approaches to evaluating the impact of teaching methods and activities on student learning. It develops practitioners’ awareness and competence in the use action-research, evidence-informed practice and reflective practice in improving student learning. It further develops understandings of theories of learning and teaching introduced in EDM0130.

Through two independent action research projects developed alongside ‘action learning sets’ with colleagues and reflection on continuing professional development, participants will develop a solid evidence base on which they can inform decisions about teaching and independently evaluate and develop further innovations to improve the learning experience and develop teaching excellence.


1.Induction lasting three days, covering the following themes:
Session 1 Teacher as researcher: action-research, evidence-informed practice and reflective practice.
Session 2 Research methods in Higher Education research.
Session 3 Teaching enhancement and evaluation: analysing and implementing change to include an update on technology-enhanced learning developments.
Session 4/5 An introduction to academic practice and leadership and academic leadership within the disciplines (subject-specific element to be delivered within faculties by directors of learning and teaching / teaching excellence / AU fellowship award holders).

2. Practical elements include attendance at five ‘action learning sets’ throughout the year with peer group to develop action research issues, problems and ideas. They also include attendance at three optional CPD events, booked through CDSAP per observation of expert teachers.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Participants are encouraged to use and interpret statistical information relating to quantitative data collected as part of a small scale, action research project carried out in the work environment.
Communication Through peer-assessed presentation of teaching cycle project and through written reflections on own communication style in lectures and other teaching scenarios.
Improving own Learning and Performance The development of a professional and reflective approach to teaching practice and measures to evaluate effectiveness are practiced and developed.
Information Technology Through participation in technology enhanced learning development workshops and through possible adoption of educational technology as part of a teaching innovation.
Personal Development and Career planning Participants are made aware of the need for Continuing professional development as part of effective academic practice and are made aware of opportunities for progression to further training.
Problem solving The ability to identify problems in teaching practice and identify measures to improve teaching practice.
Research skills The ability to use action research methodologies to carry out two projects which aim to develop good practice and innovation in teaching and learning.
Subject Specific Skills Participants will gain grounding in the politics and philosophy of academic practice and its practical application in their own, varied academic contexts.
Team work Action learning sets are assessed through the reflective journal


This module is at CQFW Level 7