Trade Union Recognition

The University recognises the following Trade Unions to negotiate on behalf of members of staff:

  • UCU (University and College Union) - Academic and Administrative Managerial and Professional Staff
  • UNISON - All grades of Clerical, Secretarial, Chefs, Manual and Related Staff
  • UNITE - All Grades of Technical Staff, Computer Operators, Property Services Staff - Skilled / Unskilled Trades/ Grounds Keepers etc.
Policies and Procedures


The relevant trade union to your post:

  • Negotiates the terms that apply to you in Aberystwyth and is responsible for agreeing, amongst other things, annual pay claims with employers nationally. It is in the interests of all staff that they support and particiapte in these processes by joining their recognised trade union.
  • Provide support for you on an individual basis when you encounter any workplace problem, such as harrassment, discimination, redundancy, etc. It is too late to join and enjoy the support, if a problem has already emerged or is clearly about to do so. No one employed at AU should put off joining their recognised trade union - if they do, and a problemarises, it could be too late.
  • Offers a range of specially negotiated suppllementary benefits and services. These will save you money and ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your union subscriptions. You can begin taking advantage of these immediately.