Time-Off for a Hospital Appointment, Doctors, Opticians etc.

Staff should make every effort to arrange visits to doctors, dentists or opticians etc outside of normal working hours. However where this is impractical, time off will not be unreasonably denied providing that the hours are made up over a period agreed with the line manager.

Appointments that have to be arranged during working hours should be made to reduce, as far as possible, the amount of disruption to work (ie they should be made at the beginning or end of the working day or during lunchtimes) and line managers should be provided with as much notice as possible of such appointments.

There are exceptions to the general rule mentioned above where the visit/treatment cannot be regarded as routine. Examples of this would be:

1. Cancer screening, minor surgery and disability related treatment. In such cases paid time off will be approved but there will be no obligation to make the time up. Once again, however, the appointments should, where possible, be made outside normal working hours.

2. Elective surgery eg vasectomy, IVF treatment, cosmetic surgery. Time off should be taken as annual leave.

3. Cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) should be regarded as sick leave.

4. Paid time off will be given for appointments arranged by the HR Department with the University’s occupational health provider.

Policy Review

Human Resources will co-ordinate a review of this policy in order to maintain compliance with legislation and good practice. The review will be undertaken in liaison with the recognised trade unions and any proposed amendments will be submitted to the appropriate relevant committee, University Executive and Council if required.

Version 1.1

Last Reviewed: April 2019

Review Date: April 2020