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Case Studies:

Karl Swanepoel

‘Revolancer’ – Karl Swanepoelhttps://revolancer.com/ 

"I was fortunate enough to benefit from a variety of support from Aberpreneurs when starting my business Revolancer. Not only were the workshops they hosted a huge help, but winning their InvEnterPrize competition helped me kick-start my business. I would highly recommend that enterprising students make good use of the support that's available!"


 Veronica Stiwdio Maelor

Stiwdio Maelor - Veronica Calarco - http://stiwdiomaelor.wordpress.com/

‘Stiwdio Maelor is an artist in residence program I established in 2014, just as I began a PhD at Aberyswyth University. As a student, I was able to take advantage of workshops offered by AberPreneurs that provided advice on starting and running a business. For six years, I ran Maelor as a successful residency, with over 250 artists completing residencies, hosting art events and art competitions. Then came covid and closure. Now, in 2022, with the PhD completed, I am beginning to reopen Maelor and with a recent grant and an intern from Aber Forward, I will be expanding and experimenting with new ways to develop Maelor.’


More details coming soon.....


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