It is important that our friendships are helpful relationships, because a friend is who we will normally turn to talk about our issues. Unhelpful friendship can really impact on wellbeing and mental health, therefore it is really important to ensure you have healthy friendships. The below links will guide you towards helpful information in how to establish and maintain healthy friendships

Online community and help Togetherall

Anonymised community chat, complete assessment and training modules to help manage – free to AU students

Student Minds online

Learn about friendships –form a student perspective

Free 24/7 talk or email line – Samaritans

Talk to someone about your difficulties - Available to talk 24/7 by phone or email

ABER Student Code on Dignity and Respect

We all have an individual responsibility in ensuring dignity and respect for all is maintained – If you feel yourself or others are not being treated with dignity and respect then you may want to report the issue through our online reporting tool

Welsh Women’s Aid Bystander awareness online

We all have apart to play in managing dignity and respect issues and the Women’s aid can offer information about domestic abuse towards men and women and how to best manage this

Student Wellbeing Service

Our qualified practitioners have developed a training presentation to help you learn about friendships at uni. Our practitioners can help you manage any issues surrounding friendships and any impact this may be having on your academic life. You can register online with our service.