Grief and bereavement are natural processes we can go through with loss. There is a range of support to help you manage and we advise talking to trusted individuals about how you are feeling, gain knowledge about what can help from various platforms or consider counselling with trained professionals if you continue to find it difficult to cope. The below list can help guide you to the right support.

Online community and help Togetherall

Anonymised community chat, complete assessment and training modules to help manage – free to AU students

SWS grief and bereavement guide

Bereavement and Grief Guide

FAQs for grief/bereavement

Local NHS Primary Care Mental Health Services:

Helpful online self-help and information on how to access services

NHS conditions – Grief and Bereavement

Information about how best to manage grief and bereavement with support information


Helpful information on how best to manage at this time


We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it | Nora McInerny

Free 24/7 talk or email line – Samaritans

Talk to someone about your difficulties - Available to talk 24/7 by phone or email

CRUSE Local Specialised Counselling Service

Local organisation specialising in bereavement support West Wales helpline: 0800 288 4700 Email:

Marie Curie

Practical information and emotional support in bereavement due to a terminal illness.

Student Wellbeing Service

Our qualified practitioners can help you get to the right help, as AU students have access to free counselling that can support a range of issues outside of academic life. Our practitioners can also help you manage any impact loss may have on your academic life. You can register online with our service.