Alcohol and Substance Use

We recognise that the misuse of drugs including alcohol may cause issues to an individual’s health, academic performance, relationships, and behaviour. Therefore, managing use effectively can really support wellbeing and mental health.

The links below aim to provide varied information platforms to help inform you of the steps of support available:

Online community and help Togetherall

Anonymised community chat, complete assessment and training modules to help manage – free to AU students

Talk to Frank online

Honest information about drugs

MIND online

Explain the Mental Health affects related to recreational drug use

NHS online

  Information on managing addiction and treatment


Eliminating the Shame and Stigma of Addiction | Kathryn Helgaas Burgum | TEDxFargo

DDAS – Local support Service

Drug and Alcohol Service – Local to Aberystwyth providing advice and support for those with substance problems and also support to those concerned about another persons substance use.

25 North Parade
SY23 2JN
Tel: 03303 639997
Disabled Access: Yes

Free Helplines:

Free 24/7 talk or email line – Samaritans

Talk to someone about your difficulties - Available to talk 24/7 by phone or email

Student Wellbeing Service

Our qualified practitioners can help you with the impact this may have on your academic life. You can register online with our service.