The amount of sleep we need varies from individual to individual. Often when we worry about our sleep, our body is tense with the worry and we are unable to relax making it harder to sleep. If you feel that your sleep routine is not helpful, then there are simple things you can do to try and help establish a good sleep routine and the links below offer a range of information on what helps.

Online community and help Togetherall

Anonymised community chat, complete assessment and training modules to help manage sleep issues– free to AU students

NHS Online – Ten top tips

Simple changes can really help our sleep routine the NHS have set out 10 top tips to help you make some lifestyle changes to support your sleep

Mind Over Mood – Dr Christine Padesky

World lead in CBT Christine Padesky offers online information about managing your mood to aid sleep


A range useful worksheets to help manage conditions

Free 24/7 talk line – Samaritans

Talk to someone about your difficulties - Available to talk 24/7 by phone or email

Local NHS Primary Care Mental Health Services:

Helpful online self-help and information on sleep and how to access services

Student Wellbeing Service

Our qualified practitioners can help and you consider helpful lifestyle changes to support your sleep routine and any impact your sleep may have on your academic life. You can register online with our service.