Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is a normal human response to a fearful situation, although our mind sometimes brings us the idea of fear, causing the body to bring uncomfortable anxious symptoms, when there may be limited reason to be fearful. Learn how to harness anxiety and get it working well for you whilst you remain in control of the situation. If you are finding anxiety is controlling your daily activities, is waking you at night or you experience panic then we advise seeking advice online and through your GP or Local Mental Health Services.

Online community and help Togetherall

Anonymised community chat about anxiety, complete assessment and training modules to manage anxiety – free to AU students

NHS conditions – Anxiety GAD, Panic Disorder, Health Anxiety

Offers overview of anxiety and the various disorders, information on Symptoms,, diagnosis, treatment and self help

Mind Over Mood – Christine Padesky

World lead in CBT Christine Padesky offers online information about managing your mood

Local NHS Primary Care Mental Health Services:

Helpful online self-help information on Anxiety and how to access services

MIND Online

Learn about anxiety and panic,what and how to get treatment


A range useful worksheets to help manage anxiety conditions – Social anxiety & Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Russ Harris You Tube Video

Dr Russ Harris offers a range of helpful videos on understanding human nature and what works well ; The Struggle Switch The Happiness Trap – Evolution of the human mind

Free 24/7 talk or email line – Samaritans

Talk to someone about your difficulties - Available to talk 24/7 by phone or email

MIND Aberystwyth

For local support contact our local mind for an opportunity to talk and gain helpful support

Address: The Cambria, Marrine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AZ Phone: 01970 626225

Student Wellbeing Service

Our qualified practitioners have developed a training presentation to help you learn about anxiety. Our qualified practitioners can help you manage anxiety and panic and the impact it may be having on your academic life. You can register online with our service.