Requesting an item

If all physical copies of a book are out on loan, you can place a request on the title. This will recall one of the copies that are on loan back to the library. Once the book has been returned, it will be held for you for five days at the Enquiry Desk on Level D for you to collect.

It’s important to request a book if you need it, don’t just wait for it to be returned. Library staff monitor the requests to assess whether we have enough copies in the Library.

During term time, you might have to wait a while to get hold of a book that is out on loan to another user, depending on your place in the request queue. Books that are requested during vacation periods may not be available to you until the end of the holiday. If you need a book urgently, please contact us

If you receive an item that has already been requested by another user at the point of issue, your loan will be for a reduced period of 2 days. This is to ensure that all people who have requested the book can get to use it in a reasonable time. There is more information on loaning items on our Borrowing from the Library page.

External Store

If the book or item you’re looking for is kept in the External Store, you will need to request it to have it brought to the Library. The location of the item can be seen next to the availability information in Primo, the library catalogue, as below:

Collecting your requested items

During term time, requests are collected from the store daily. During vacations, they will be collected from store twice a week. If you need a book urgently, please contact us

Your item will be available for you to collect from the Click and Collect shelves on Level D for 7 days. If you can't visit the Library before your request expires, please contact us. It might be possible to extend the request for you


Making Requests FAQS