Study Carrels - Hugh Owen Library

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) this service is currently unavailable.

Daily Use Study Carrels

There are a number of carrels on Level F which are available for daily use by all students on a first come first served basis.

These carrels:

  • are free to use
  • have a PC in them
  • have wifi
  • have adjustable lighting
  • are suitable for individual use only
  • are available until 9am the following day

If you wish to make use of one of these carrels please ask at the Enquiry Desk on Level D

Please note:

  • A fine will be charged if you do not return your carrel key to the Enquiry Desk by the date/time due.
  • If you lose the key you will be charged the full £30 cost of a replacement

For Carrel locations please see Hugh Owen Library - Level F Floor Plan


Study Carrel Regulations

  • No hazardous materials may be stored in the study carrel.
  • Information Services staff shall be entitled to routinely access the study carrel at all times and without notice to the user for the purposes of security, maintenance and repair, searching for unissued library materials and all other purposes deemed necessary.
  • Any Aberystwyth University library books or materials inside must be issued to the individual using the study carrel.
  • Any unissued Aberystwyth University library books or materials found to be stored in a study carrel will be returned directly to the shelves.
  • Information Services will not accept any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items/belongings left in the carrel.

For your convenience, safety and security, please observe the following:

  • Silent study only in carrels
  • Drinks without lids and hot food and are not allowed in carrels
  • No food or beverages may be stored in the study carrel
  • Electrical appliances (other than laptops) are not permitted
  • Do not obscure the glass door of the carrel
  • If using headphones, make sure you are able to hear the fire alarm
  • Be sure to close the window, switch off the light and lock the door when leaving
  • Leave carrels clean and tidy and remove all items including rubbish when leaving