Information Services (I.S.) has responsibility for the Hugh Owen and Physical Sciences libraries.

We are committed to providing equal access to our resources and services for all users.

We have nominated Points of Contact (POC) with whom you may discuss all your short term or longer term requirements, regardless of the permanence or temporary nature of any disability.

Our facilities

  • Height adjustable desks are available in the Hugh Owen Library and some computer rooms
  • Adjustable lighting is available in areas of the Hugh Owen Library
  • Desk lamps are available to borrow from the enquiry desk in each library
  • Coloured overlays and magnifiers can be borrowed from the enquiry desk for use within each library
  • Induction loops are provided at all service points
  • Deaf Alerters which work with the library’s radio-based fire alarm system are available to borrow from the enquiry desks
  • A range of equipment is available for loan from the Hugh Owen Library enquiry desk
  • A range of software is available on the computers in the libraries and computer rooms
  • OCR Scanning is available on all printer/copiers on campus.
  • A Freedom Book Scanner and a Pro Magnifier are available for use in Bookable Carrel 01
  • One-to-One clinics are available to help to users with problems using the facilities we provide, for example electronic resources, Blackboard, Microsoft Office or other software:

The following services are available for users who require extra library and IT support.

 Please note that requests for many of these services will be determined by individual needs as recommended in your study needs assessment.

  •  Book Fetching Service

We can arrange to collect from the shelves up to 10 books with the relevant classmarks and hold them at the Enquiry Desk for collection. Please send lists to - we will then contact you when they are ready for collection or advise if they are unavailable. Please note that during busy periods we may require 24 hours’ notice (not including weekends and Bank Holidays) for this service.

  •  Photocopying Service

Please send lists of items and any special formatting requirements to Please note that during busy periods we may require at least 24 hours’ notice (not including weekends or Bank Holidays) for this service. Print charges apply.

  •  Accessible copies of textbooks

Aberystwyth University has a CLA Higher Education Licence, which allows us to make or seek (from copyright holders) accessible copies for both visually impaired and other disabled users if a suitable accessible version is not available to purchase.

  • Postal Loans

This service is available to students who are physically unable to come into the library and who have this as a requirement on their study needs assessment. Please send full book details and the date needed by to

  • Your Safety

Please contact Student Support Services and Health, Safety and Environment Office to arrange a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for the Library if relevant.  

Detailed information on accessibility is set out here by specific location:

We welcome your feedback on how accessible you find our services. Please use our feedback form.