Server Hosting and Storage Services

IS supports the view that corporate AU servers and storage should be housed and managed centrally so that they receive the best security, continuity of service and management to ensure optimum resilience for University services.

Information Services provides a hosting service for specialized departmental servers.

Servers hosted by IS benefit from:

  • being in an environmentally controlled server rooms with secure physical access
  • centralized and off-site backup
  • maintenance by trained and experienced staff

This has benefited both service departments who require servers for specialist business applications and academic departments for research work.

We offer:

  • Server hosting
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Storage (either raw storage or presented storage) and backup

Full details are available in our Guidelines for Server Hosting, Virtual Server and Storage Services (PDF)

                                                 Guidelines for Server Hosting, Virtual Server and Storage Services (DOCX)


If you would like further advice or to discuss your requirements please contact IS