Digital Project & Change Requests

When you are thinking about starting a new digital project (including purchasing new software) or need a change made to an existing system, please ensure that you let us know at an early stage.

All digital projects and changes must be requested via the Digital Projects and Change Requests system

We assess whether digital project or change requests are aligned with the University's Digital Strategy, as well as considering their impact, cost and benefits before approval.

Before proceeding with purchase and implementation of new software or services from an external provider, there are also a number of other checks and approvals that will need to be completed:

You should not begin a digital project before getting all the necessary approvals and ensuring that the project will meet all of the necessary standards.

If you need any help or advice, please get in touch.

What is a digital project?

A digital project can be defined as a package of work that is undertaken in order to create an output that is digital in nature.  This might be a new or updated website, system, application or digital process. Digital projects are finite with a distinct start and finish point and include a number of tasks that need to be completed in order to deliver the digital project. A digital project will require staff time and resource as well as a budget.

Examples of digital projects:

  • Introduction of new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • Development of a new student record system
  • Implementation of a third-party system to handle incident reporting
  • Major upgrade from Blackboard to Blackboard ULTRA
  • Moving our CMS into the cloud instead of using local servers
  • Introduction of a new tool for staff surveys

Note: Research projects that are digital in nature are not covered by this procedure. If you are planning a new research project, please talk to RBI. If you will need a website as part of your project, please take a look at our information on how IS can help: Websites for Research Projects (pdf)

What is a change request?

A change request is a proposal to alter a system, or change the requirements that were set out at the beginning of a digital project.

Examples of change requests:

  • A change to the fields used in the ECS form 
  • A new report in AStRA
  • An extra question in an existing web-based form
  • An update to a web page to correct out of date information
  • Addition of a new pin to the University maps

What do I need?

Before starting to fill out the form to request a digital project, make sure you have thought about the following areas:

  • Who will be the project sponsor? This should be a member of senior management
  • A brief description of the proposed digital project
  • What is the background and rationale for the proposed digital project?
  • How does the proposed digital project relate to the University's Digital Strategy
  • Who will the proposed digital project impact? e.g. staff, students, all users, particular department(s), etc.
  • What are the key benefits of the proposed digital project?
  • What are the implications of not undertaking the proposed digital project?
  • Will the proposed digital project involve a third party? If so, make sure you have their details to hand
  • Will the proposed digital project require new IT infrastructure?
  • Do you have an agreed budget for the proposed digital project? If so, make sure you have this information to hand
  • Do you have a deadline for the proposed digital project's completion?
  • What will signify completion of the proposed digital project?
  • Do you have any documents or additional information about the proposed digital project? There will be an opportunity to upload files as part of the form submission so make sure you have these ready

What happens to my request?

Your request will be discussed by the IS Review Group (Digital Transformation Managers & Head of IT Applications & Development team) in their regular weekly meetings. Depending on the content of the request they may approve it immediately, request further information, pass it for approval elsewhere, or decline the request. You can view progress of your request via the Digital Project & Change Request system.