Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) creates a connection between your own computer and the University network.

This gives you access to facilities as though you were on campus or to use remote desktop to your office computer (staff only) (How do I do that?)

It does not give you access to the desktop and software available in the computer rooms.

Access to E-resources

  • You do not need to install GlobalProtect VPN to access e-resources from off-campus; most of these can be accessed by signing into Primo and following the off-campus advice provided in the search results (How do I do that?)

Setting up VPN

  • In using VPN you are bound by the Information Services Regulations and Guidelines and before setting it up you should read our VPN policy
  • To use VPN you will need a computer with an internet connection and access to the Internet
  • Aberystwyth University uses GlobalProtect VPN and this service requires Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) whenever you connect (What is this?). 
  • Instructions for setting up GlobalProtect VPN vary according to your operating system:

Using VPN

Whenever you wish to access Aberystwyth University resources you should:

  • connect to the Internet using your usual provider
  • open GlobalProtect VPN
  • type in your AU username and password
  • you will prompted for a One Time Password (OTP) which you will find in your chosen authenticator app