Aberystwyth University Telephone System

Information Services are responsible for the provision of the University telephone network.

This service uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

The advantages of VOIP are:

  • it provides additional functionality, for example caller id, missed calls.
  • it has extension mobility - you can login to any VOIP phone on campus and access your telephone extension
  • it provides the option (at an additional cost) of having 2, 6 or 14 line phones
  • it allows (with the correct software) your computer to be used as a 'softphone' so you can access your telephone extension on and off campus
  • it provides Voice Mail using Unity which integrates with your email

Information on using VOIP phones can be found in our FAQ pages

Voice mail (Cisco Unity)

At Aberystwyth University the Cisco VoIP Telephony Infrastructure and Microsoft Office 365 are used to provide you with the Cisco UNITY Connection Messaging system (Voice Mail)

This voice mail service allows you to:

  • record a personal greeting
  • check your voice mail messages from wherever you are
  • have your voice mail messages emailed to your inbox
  • check and change your voice mail preferences via a web page
  • check your email and calendar appointments over the phone
  • record different greetings and set them to be automatically played at certain dates and times
  • notify someone else if messages have been left on your voice mail
  • configure your voice mail inbox to sort your messages however you like

To use this service you must:

  • have a VoIP phone
  • have your own telephone number

Information on how to use this service can be found in our FAQs


A softphone is a software program which allows you to use your computer and internet connection to make telephone calls instead of the usual handset and telephone line.

The advantages of softphones are:

  • Mobility  - as long as you have a computer or mobile phone with the necessary software installed you can make and receive calls as though you were in your office.
  • Cost - using an existing network connection to make work-related calls while off-campus can save on mobile or home phone bills.
  • Comfort  - using a headset with a microphone, or the inbuilt speakers and microphone on your device leaves your hands free to use the computer while you talk and listen.

Softphones are available:

  • to members of AU staff registered to use a VOIP phone

Instructions for installing and using softphones can be found in FAQs