Virtual meetings and events

There are the following options for holding virtual meetings and events:

Microsoft Teams

Teams is part of the Office 365 suite of applications.

It offers tools for collaborative working for example:

  • Group chat
  • Video meetings
  • File sharing
  • Group calls

Microsoft Teams is available to all AU staff and students with an AU email account and can be accessed via mobile app, desktop app or web browser

Microsoft Teams is ideal for working with small groups of people in a fast and informal environment.

Further information on using Microsoft Teams can be found in our Microsoft Teams FAQs and our Teams training & guidance

Microsoft Teams Live Events

Teams Live Events enables users to broadcast video and meetings to a much larger audience (up to 10,000 attendees) than Microsoft Teams and provides the functionality for closer management of broadcast content. 

It is designed to be used for large events where attendees watch and listen, their cameras and microphones being automatically switched off. Attendees can post questions (anonymously if they wish) via the chat.

It provides functionality to have multiple presenters, with someone in the role of producer being able to select which presenter is live on screen at anyone time. Presenters can also moderate the questions and answers.

If you wish to host a Microsoft Teams Live Event please contact for a license