Electronic Resources Trials

Aberystwyth University libraries request free site trials of resources in response to enquiries by staff and students. We also request trials of new resources that we think may be of interest and use in teaching, learning or research at Aberystwyth University.

See the tables below for details of current or recent trials. Trial access is available on campus. Off-campus access is sometimes available via VPN.

Please email librarians@aber.ac.uk after visiting any of the resource trials, describing briefly how the resource would be of use to you in teaching, learning or research.

Current trials


Publisher URL Trial ends

CAB Reviews

CABI https://www.cabi.org/cabireviews 28/02/2022
Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992  Gale Cengage 




Kanopy.com https://aber.kanopy.com/ 29/11/2019

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Alexander Street (ProQuest) https://search.proquest.com/eima/  15/11/2019

Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus www.digitaltheatreplus.com 16/07/2019 

Future Medicinal Chemistry(2018 & 2019 only)

Future Science https://www.future-science.com/journal/fmc  31/12/2019


Please also let us know if you have found a resource for which you would like us to arrange a site trial, or if you have any other enquiries about these trials.

Although many of the resources we trial are too expensive to consider subscribing to in the first instance

  • you might like to try these resources even if it is only for a limited time
  • publishers may offer more viable pricing models in the future e.g. a single purchase price rather than a recurrent commitment
  • we can gather evidence of interest in a resource to support a case for purchase, particularly where interest is found to be inter-disciplinary.

Recent trials

Resource Publisher Trial ended

Nursing and Mental Health in Video: A Symptom Media Collection

Alexander Street 18/11/18

SAGE Psychiatry Journals



19th American Century Drama

Thompson Henry


De Gruyter Rights, Action and Social Responsibility Collection

De Gruyter


Kanopy Kanopy 10/11/17
Independent Voices   30/03/17
Canadian Theatre Review   25/03/17
Drama Online: additional video content - subscribed to Globe on Screen   18/12/16
APA Style Central   02/11/16
America's Historical Newspapers Enquiry   18/10/16
Digital Theatre Plus   03/10/16
Shakespeare in Performance: Prompt Books from the Folger Shakespeare Library Adam Matthew 30/08/16
InterUK-Vet Mark Allen Group 30/08/16