Group Room 10

Group Room 10 is on Level E in the Iris de Freitas room of the Hugh Owen Library


  • This room can accommodate up to 2 people
  • This room has adjustable lighting


This room includes:

  • Computer
  • Height-adjustable desk and Chairs
  • Whiteboard including pens and cleaner
  • Power Sockets
  • This room has adjustable lighting


  • This room has adjustable lighting
  • This room has an adjustable desk
  • This room is on level E of the Hugh Owen Library which can be accessed via lift from level D of the Hugh Owen Library.
  • Level access to this room is via the accessible entrance on Level E or the lift on the front of the Hugh Owen Building. Use of the Accessible Entrance and Lift can be organised by contacting the Accessibility Service


  • This room is bookable by students only. To book this room, please visit the booking page
  • The room can be booked for a maximum of four hours
  • Users can book no more than one slot per day
  • Bookings can be made up to one week in advance
  • You cannot book a specific room, you will be allocated a room that is available and meets your requirements
  • If outside one of the rooms and it is available, users can use the Meet Now feature on the room display outside the room to book it for use:










  • Users can see which rooms are available using the display board opposite the enquiry desk on Level D:




If you have any questions about the use of these rooms please contact Information Services.