Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Printmaking 1: Relief Printing and Screenprinting
Academic Year
Semester 1
Mutually Exclusive
AR10120 and AR10220
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture 2 x 1 hour lectures
Seminars / Tutorials 3 x 1 hour group seminars 6 x 0.5 hours of tutorials
Practical 11 x 8 hours of studio based practicals
Other 12 x 1 hour studio-based demonstrations


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Portfolio of Prints  75%
Semester Assessment Sketchbook of research material   25%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to.
a) Produce a portfolio of prints that clearly demonstrates proficiency in both intaglio printing and/or screenprinting and/orlithography
b) Produce a sketchbook containing drawings, written and visual material demonstrating ability in visual research and development of images appropriate for printmaking
c) Create a body of work that demonstrates a thematic approach to research that gives expression to personal concerns and ideas
d) Use techniques and materials in a selective and critical manner with regard to process and subject matter
e) Identify their own art practice within the context of contemporary and historic traditions of printmaking
f) Develop proficient patterns of working within the print studio with regard to issues of health and safety

Brief description

Modules AR22320 Printmaking 1 and AR22430 Printmaking 2 run concurrently and introduce students to a broad range of printmaking techniques in intaglio printing, screenprinting and plate lithography.

In Intaglio, techniques including the use of drypoint, engraving, hard and soft ground, aquatint, mezzotint and photo etching are introduced. The modules also provide instruction on methods of printing in black and white and in colour using multiple plates, monotype, chine colle and using other mixed media approaches.

In screenprinting, techniques of autographic, photographic and digital imaging and colour separation are introduced in conjunction with monotype and chine colle.

In Plate Lithography, students learn skills of plate preparation, drawing using crayon and tusche, etching and printing in black and white and in colour. There will also be opportunity to develop photographic and digital techniques for photo plate lithography


The purpose of this module is to introduce to the student the possibilities and potential of printmaking as a significant means for developing and producing images in a graphic and multiple form. The course provides a sound foundation in workshop practice and technical instruction in the use of materials and processes of Intaglio Printmaking and Screenprinting and Plate Lithography. The module also encourages individual responses to drawing and the development of ideas and images appropriate for printmaking


Image Development and Workshop Practice

Students are encouraged to research and develop themes in their work that give expression to personal ideas and concerns. Students are expected to maintain a sketchbook for drawing, collation of relevant visual and written material and for the development of ideas. Students will be introduced to concepts of drawing for process and to create prints that demonstrate an understanding of and consideration for both the limitations and creative potential of each medium. Using original works of art from the University's Collection students are introduced to the work of past and contemporary exponents of printmaking practice and are taught how to identify qualities that are specific to each print medium.

  • Introduction to the use of sketchbooks and drawing for printmaking
  • Group Seminar: Brainstorming for Personal Response
  • Prints from the University Collection and UWA Student Archive
  • Introduction to workshop practice and Health and safety Issues
  • Mid Term Review and Critique of Student Work
  • Portfolio Submission, Curating Prints and Examination Guidelines
Intaglio Printmaking
  • Introduction to Intaglio Printmaking: Historical Overview of Technical Developments 1500-2000
  • Revision of the use of Hard and Soft Ground in Etching
  • Etching plates using Ferric Chloride - step etching
  • Papers, Paper Preparation and Printing in Black and White
  • Techniques of Aquatint: Tone, Texture, Colour, Maniere Noir (Mezzotint) and Spit Biting
  • Colour Printing I: Inking a la poupee and use of Chine Colle*
  • Colour Printing II: Relief Printing, Multiple Plate Printing and Jigsaw / Free form Plates
  • Introduction to Photo Etching: Neg Jet Plate Process and use of Photec Films
  • Introduction to Screenprinting: Historical Perspective of Technical Developments during the Twentieth Century
  • Introduction to Screen Preparation
  • Autographic Techniques of Imaging and Colour Separation
  • Photographic and Digital Techniques of Imaging and Colour Separation
  • Screenprinting: Inks, Blends and Monotype Techniques
Plate Lithography
  • Introduction to Plate Lithography: The Development of Lithography 1798 ? to the present day
  • Plate Preparation
  • Autographic Skills: Drawing with crayon and Tusche
  • Rationale and Procedure for Etching Plates
  • Printing plates in Black and White, and in Colour
  • Introduction to Photo Plate Lithography

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication development and encouragement of communication skills occurs during workshop-based activity and during tutorials and group seminars
Improving own Learning and Performance development of a self-critical approach to creative working and professional conduct in the production of a portfolio of prints
Information Technology development of graphic IT skills through use of digital imaging programmes such as Adobe Photoshop
Problem solving development of practical printmaking skills and problem solving in intaglio printing and screenprinting
Research skills development of a programme of research and self directed work that gives expression to personal ideas and concerns
Subject Specific Skills development of specific skills of intaglio printmaking and screenprinting and Plate Lithography, editioning and presentation development of studio practice, self-management and time management for completion of self-directed project work; development of awareness of related health and safety issues
Team work development and encouragement of team work and student interaction occurs during workshop-based activity and during tutorials and group seminars

Reading List

Recommended Text
Adam, Robert and Robertson, Carol (2004) Screenprinting: The Complete Water Based System Thames and Hudson Primo search Buckland-Wright, John (1953) Etching and Engraving: Techniques and the Modern Trend Studio Primo search Castleman, Riva (1988) Prints of the 20th Century Thames and Hudson Primo search Chamberlain, Walter (1972, 1992) The T&H Manual of Etching & Engraving, Thames and Hudson Primo search Gale, Colin (2006) Etching and Photopolymer Intaglio Techniques A&C Black Primo search Gilmour, Pat (1981) Artists in Print, BBC Publications Primo search Gilmour, Pat (1978) The Mechanised Image, Arts Council of Great Britain Primo search Griffiths, Anthony (1990) Avant-Garde British Printmaking, British Museum Publications Primo search Griffiths, Anthony (1980) Prints and Printmaking, Introduction to History and Techniques, British Museum Publications Primo search Gross, Anthony (1970) Etching, Engraving and Intaglio Printmaking, Oxford University Press, Primo search Henning, R (1994) Screen printing water based techniques Watson Guptill, New York Primo search Hoskins, Steve (2004) Inks, A&C Black Printmaking Series, A&C Black Primo search Hoskins, Steve (2003) Water-Based Screenprinting, A&C Black Printmaking Series A&C Black Primo search Ivins, William (1968) Prints and Visual Communications Cambridge Massachusetts Primo search King, Brian (2005) Photo Etching (Special Interest) Model Books Primo search Leaf, Ruth (1984) Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Techniques Dover Publications Primo search Lumsden, ES (2000) The Art of Etching Dover Publications Primo search Mara, Tim (1979) The T&H Manual of Screen printing Thames and Hudson, London Primo search Mayor, A Hyatt (1971) Prints and People, A social History of Printed Pictures Princeton University Press And Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Primo search Ross, Romano & Ross (1974) The Complete Printmaker, Collier Macmillan, London Primo search Smith, Alan (2004) Etching: A Guide to Traditional Techniques The Crowood Press Primo search Stromquist, Annie (2005) Simple Screenprinting: Basic Techniques and Creative Projects Lark Books Primo search Turner, Silvie (1991) Which Paper? Estamp Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 5