Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Cell Biology
Academic Year
Semester 1
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture 2 x 1 hour lectures per week (20 hours)
Practical 2 x 3 hour practicals (6 hours)


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Lab. Report 1.  14%
Semester Assessment Lab. Report 2.  13%
Semester Assessment Lab. Report 3.  13%
Semester Exam 1.5 Hours   60%
Supplementary Assessment Students must take elements of assessment equivalent to those that led to failure of the module.  40%
Supplementary Exam 1.5 Hours   Students must take elements of assessment equivalent to those that led to failure of the module.  60%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • use the light microscope for examination of cells,
  • list the differences between plant, animal and bacterial cells,
  • demonstrate a knowledge of basic cell structure, cell organelles and their function.
  • Explain the basics of homeostasis of the cell.


The module will deal with the structure of the various types of cell found throughout nature and with the structure and function of cell organelles. It will also deal with aspects of cell division.
Theoretical work on cell structure will be backed up by use of the light microscope to observe various cells. A comparison of different microscopic techniques for observing cells will involve a visit to the Electron Microscope Unit in IBS. The structure and function of the cell wall, plasma membrane, nucleus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi body, lysosome, mitochondrion secretory vacuole, food vacuole, chloroplast, centriole, cilium and flagellum will be discussed. Levels of organization of cells into tissues and tissues into organs will be covered. Homeostasis of the cell including water regulation, ionic balance and the importance of surface/volume will be described.


This module is at CQFW Level 3