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Control of Pollution Law 2
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Distance Learning

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Other Private study on DL units; Preparation and submission of written assignment; Additional research and private study


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Semester Assessment Module Assessment  Written Assignment of 5,000 words  100%

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Pollution Control Law II looks at the use of existing legal measures that can be used to control pollution. The civil liability that can arise from pollution under the current system is a main concern here, as is assessing the use of civil liabilities as a method of controlling pollution. The role of public participation and access to information concerning the environment is considered. There is also a detailed examination of the use of economic instruments in pollution control; this is an area of pollution law that is becoming more important, with the current fashion for the use of economic instruments in every sector of society. The economic methods will be assessed against the background of our traditional administrative regulation.

Reading List

Recommended Text
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Journal of environmental law
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