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Waste Management Law and Policy
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Distance Learning

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Other Private study on DL units; Preparation and submission of written assignment; Additional research and private study


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Semester Assessment Module Assessment  Written Assignment of 5,000 words  100%

Brief description

This module presents students with an introduction to waste management law and policy. It will deal in particular with three aspects. Firstly, it will introduce students to policy initiatives and the legal framework for the promotion of recycling and waste minimisation. Secondly, the legal framework that regulates the actual disposal of waste on land is considered. Thirdly, the public regulatory regime in relation to contaminated land is discussed. This module considers primarily UK waste management law and policy but also takes into account the growing impact of EC law in this field of environmental regulation.

Reading List

Recommended Text
Ball, Simon Ball & Bell on environmental law Document 16. Read: 'Producer Responsibility', pp. 478-481 (5th edition) edition 5th Blackstone Primo search Ball, Simon Ball & Bell on environmental law Document 19. Read: 'Definition of Waste', pp. 486-494 (5th edition) edition 5th Blackstone Primo search Ball, Simon Ball & Bell on environmental law Document 26. Read: 'Contaminated Land', pp. 533-539 (5th edition) edition 5th Blackstone Primo search Elkington, John Green Capitalists Document 2. Read: Chapter 11: Greener Growth (1991) edition n.e. Gollancz Primo search Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee Sustainable waste management Document 14. Read: The Memorandum by the Corporation of London, submitted to the House of Commons Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee, Session 1997-98, 6th Report, 'Sustainable Waste Management', volume 3, p. 27-30 Stationery Office Primo search Hellawell, Trevor Blackstone's Guide to Contaminated Land Document 27. Read: Chapter 4: Who Pays for Remediation (2000) Blackstone P. Primo search Laurence, Duncan S. Waste Regulation Law Set textYou are provided with a copy of this book. This module does not specifically refer to Laurence's book. It is intended that you will use this book as an independent source for reference. Butterworth Primo search Meyer, Peter B. Contaminated Land Document 28. Read: Chapter 2: Dimensions of National Contaminated Land Policy (1995) E.Elgar Pub. Primo search Meyer, Peter B. Contaminated Land Document 29. Read: Chapter 8: Lessons for Future Contaminated Land Policy: Prospects and Pitfalls (1995) E.Elgar Pub. Primo search Tietenberg, Thomas H. Environmental economics and policy Document 4. Read: Chapter 17: Solid Waste and Recycling', pp. 339-358, extract (1998) HarperCollins College Publishers Primo search Debating the Earth Document 5. Read: extract pp. 559-583 - Plumwood, Val; 'Inequality, Ecojustice, and Ecological Rationality' (1998) Oxf.U.P. Primo search Earthscan Reader in Environmental Economics Document 3. Read: pp. 364-388 - Repetto, Robert; Magrath, William; Wells, Michael; Beer, Christine and Fabrizio Rossini; 'Wasting Assets: Natural Resources in the National Income Accounts' (1992) Earthscan Publications Primo search International Handbook of Environmental Sociology Document 1. Read: pp. 274-286 - Opschoor, J.B.; 'Industrial Metabolism, Economic Growth and Institutional Change' (1997) edition n.e. E.Elgar Pub. Primo search Licensing of Waste Management Facilities Document 21. Read: 'Chapter 3: Fit and Proper Persons', extract from 'The Licensing of Waste Management Facilities', 1994, Waste Management Paper No. 4, London, HMSO H.M.S.O. Primo search Command Papers Document 12. Read: 'Waste Strategy 2000 for England and Wales', Cm 4693, 2000 ENDS Report Document 11. Read: 'Reusable Nappies Get Leg Up From Waste Minimisation Act', in: ENDS Report no. 291, April 1999, p. 33. ENDS Report Document 17. Read: 'Packaging Recovery: A Faltering UK Experiment with Market Mechanisms', in: ENDS Report No. 277, February 1998, pp. 17-19 Environmental law reports Document 25. Read: Mayer Parry Recycling Ltd. v. Environment Agency [1999] Environmental Law Reports 489 Integrated Product Policy Document 10. Read: Ernst & Young, 'Developing the Foundation for Integrated Product Policy in the EU', 23 June 2000, Integrated Product Policy Document 8. Integrated Product Policy Document 9. Read: 'The Executive Summary from the Final Report by Ernst & Young and SPRU on an Integrated Product Policy' Journal of Marine Systems Document 6. Read: Kite-Powell, Hauke L.; Hoagland, Porter; Jin, Di; 1998, 'Policy, Law and Public Opposition: the Prospects for Abyssal Ocean Waste Disposal in the United States', in: Journal of Marine Systems, 1998, vol. 14, pp. 377-396, extract Official journal of the European Communities:L Document 23. Read: EC Regulation 1420/1999 of 29 April 1999 Establishing Common Rules and Procedures to Apply to Shipments to Certain Non-OECD Countries of Certain Types of Waste. Official journal of the European Communities:L Document 24. Read: Extract from EC Regulation 259/93 of 1 February 1993 on the Supervision and Control of Shipments of waste within, into and out of the European Community. Public General Acts Document 13. Read: Sections 49, 50, 51, 52 and 55 EPA 1990 Public General Acts Document 15. Read: Sections 93, 94 and 95 Environment Act 1995 Public General Acts Document 20. Read: Sections 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44, 59, 73 (6) EPA 1990 Public General Acts Document 7. Read: Section 44A of EPA 1990 Statutory Instruments Document 22. Read: Part I and Part II of Schedule 2 of the Special Waste Regulations 1996, SI 1996/972 The Background Report and Proposal for a Directive on WEEE Document 18.
Supplementary Text
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This module is at CQFW Level 7