Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

Module Identifier
Module Title
Introduction to Modern Irish iii
Academic Year
Semester 1 (Taught over 2 semesters)
Other Staff

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Miscellaneous 11 x 1 Hour Miscellaneous
Seminar 22 x 1 Hour Seminars


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment .10 Hours   ORAL EXAM  10%
Semester Assessment CONTINOUS ASSESSMENT  20%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   WRITTEN EXAM  70%
Supplementary Exam 2 Hours   WRITTEN EXAM  100%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to use their knowledge and basic language skills in a practical and effective way in order to:

  • express concerns, make enquiries, find information, and understand spoken discourse (e.g. simple lectures) directed towards intermediate -level students;

* read intermediate-level Irish-language texts (e.g. novels for learners, news reports) and to comment on them in an uncomplicated but correct written form.


  • In-class presentation of intermediate Irish grammar with oral practice.
  • In-class 'mini-mectures' by students on a pre-arranged topic, and dictations.
  • Assigned reading of an intermediate-level book for adult learners of Irish.
  • Short writing assignments ('essay questions') based on the above reading, as well as an opportunity to discuss grammatical, syntactical, and lexical issues in class.
  • Real-life homework tasks using a variety of downloadable material such as application forms, current event blogs, and news and weather from Irish radio.


This module is at CQFW Level 4