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International Business Law and Institutions (WTO)
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Semester Assessment Module Assessment  Written Assignment of 5,000 words  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of, and an ability to engage in critical discussion on, the origins, mandate and institutional aspects of the WTO.
2. Display a high level of knowledge of the activities of the WTO and their impact on international business.
3. Critically assess the role of the WTO within the wider framework of global economic governance.
4. Assess critically and explain the interrelationship between the work of the WTO and other current issues of global importance such as the protection of the environment and promotion of human rights.
5. Demonstrate critical and analytical skills and apply them to concrete problems in the field of WTO law and an ability to identify, locate and assess additional relevant material.


The World Trade Organization is an important institution for international economic governance. Its work remains crucial for the effective conduct of international business, especially in relations to international trade. At present, there is no module within the LLM programme dealing with the WTO, its operations and laws and this module will fill that gap in the provision. The aims of the module include: introducing students to the origins and institutional aspects of the WTO; enhancing their understanding of the activities of the WTO and its relations with international business; and examining the interrelationship between the work of the WTO and other current issues of international importance such as the protection of the environment, promotion of human rights and labour standards. How these issues are resolved will be significant for businesses, especially in terms of their production processes and methods.

Brief description

This module covers the international legal and institutional framework for regulating international trade under the aegis of the WTO. The WTO began its work in 1995 as the principal organization coordinating laws affecting international trade, but its work has a much wider impact on the regulation of international business activities. This module will explore WTO law and its significance for international business.


1. The WTO: Origins, Mandate and Institutions
2. The WTO: Dispute Settlement System
3. The WTO: Core Principles of the GATT
4. The WTO: International Trade and Social Concerns
5. The WTO: Regional Trade Agreements


This module is at CQFW Level 7