Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

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Module Title
PGCE (Secondary): Professional Studies
Academic Year
Semester 1 (Taught over 2 semesters)
PGCE Entry requirements
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 2 Professional Studies reflective reports (3000 words)  This assignment will require trainees to undertake an Action Research Project on an area (professional studies / subject-based) that involves the application of research and theory to practice. (up to 5,000 words)  35%
Semester Assessment Action Research Project (approx 5000 words)  This written assignment will require trainees to investigate, research and evaluate a subject related topic, linking theory and practice. Trainees will need to have shown an understanding of how research can be applied to theory and practice; have reviewed literature relevant to the chosen theme; have demonstrated detailed knowledge and in-depth understanding of the chosen topic; have described, analysed, and critically evaluated the area of research; have linked the findings of the project with improving their own professional practice. Each activity should include: A concise description of the activity How the activity is intended to motivate learners, with reference to theories and ideas as appropriate. (approximately 1,200 words)   65%
Supplementary Assessment 2 Professional Studies reflective reports (3000 words)  New title set  35%
Supplementary Assessment Action Research Project (approx 5000 words)  65%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Critically analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies that they have observed and utilised across a broad range of learning needs;

Critically relate motivational theories to school and classroom practices by drawing upon examples from their observation and practice in School Experience;

Critically demonstrate a good understanding of how research and theory can be applied in practice by undertaking an Open Study Dissertation;

Critically and comprehensively engage with the literature as relevant to the selected topic of the Open Study Dissertation;

Critically evaluate their own professional practice by drawing on their own philosophy of teaching and learning as well as lessons observed and those that they have planned and delivered;

Understand and have a working knowledge of other professional requirements such as teachers, professional duties, teachers, legal liabilities and responsibilities, health and safety, establishing good working relationships with professional colleagues and the need to take responsibility for their own professional development;

Understand and have a working knowledge of a wide range of issues pertaining to the education of learners, including cross-curricular dimensions such as PSE, Curriculum Cymreig, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development;

Monitor their continuous professional development by reflecting on and evaluating their own experiences against the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Standards.

Brief description

This module will principally address the role of the `reflective teacher' within the context of continuing professional development. It will focus on getting trainees to take increasing responsibility for their own professional development. This module gives trainees the opportunity to explore in depth an area of study related to the education of learners in Secondary schools.
Furthermore, the module provides opportunity to explore, examine, analyse, and critically evaluate selected factors that contribute to effective teaching and learning.


In this module, the following topics will be discussed in relation to the QTS Standards for the main and, where relevant, second subject methods, as depicted in Schemapp3.

The content themes for the 11 weeks (over two semesters) will provide trainees with knowledge and understanding of:

1. The diverse learning needs of learners whatever their individual aspirations, personal circumstances or cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds
2. The professional characteristics which aim to motivate and inspire learners and secure their intellectual and personal development
3. The statutory frameworks relating to teachers responsibilities, including Child Protection
4. The values, aims and purposes and the general teaching requirements set out in Making the most of learning implementing the revised curriculum, the Skills Framework for 3-19 year-olds in Wales, and Skills across the curriculum
5. Their responsibilities under the SEN Code of Practice for Wales and know how to seek advice from specialists on less common types of special educational needs
6. Assessment requirements and procedures
7. How to use ICT effectively, both to teach their subject and to support their wider professional role
8. Issues of social inclusion and equal opportunities
9. The most recent national guidance on education for sustainable development and global citizenship
10. Their contribution to the wider development of the school and profession and the importance of maintaining up-to-date professional knowledge, understanding and skills and the ability to reflect on their own practice.
11. Their own professional needs and the necessity to take responsibility for their continuing professional development

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number
Communication Via workshop activities, trainees will be required to share professional development experiences and encouraged to express their views and opinions on educational matters (not assessed). Their critical review of their professional development forms a key facet of this module and is assessed.
Improving own Learning and Performance At the heart of this module is the notion of developing the `reflective practitioner¿ whereby it has become desirable and good practice for teachers to recognise the importance of engaging in critical reflection on their professional practice. As a requirement, trainees will need to critically justify what progress has been made throughout the duration of the course in relation to the QTS Standards.
Information Technology Using the Web for research purposes and also to word-process assignments. Develop self-confidence in the use of ICT in the planning and delivery of lessons.
Personal Development and Career planning Trainees¿ strengths and priorities for future professional developments, forms an element of the Professional Development Portfolio. Completing the PDP will enable students to identify more clearly the evidence that substantiates their achievements (strengths, abilities, skills), aspirations and professional development priorities, and will help them to complete Section A of the Career Entry Profile that will act as a summary of their Initial Teacher Training as well as preparing them for their Induction period.
Problem solving Trainees will be required to resolve any shortcomings with respect to QTS Standards, by identifying appropriate strategies and action plans. They will also consider the most effective approaches designed to motivate learners.
Research skills Trainees will be required to undertake an Open Study Dissertation on an area of professional studies that involves the application of research and theory to practice. Trainees will be required to synthesise and evaluate critically information relating to the chosen topic of the Open Studies Dissertation.
Subject Specific Skills
Team work Trainees will undertake group tasks within this module. Dissemination of good practices and school experiences will encouraged via group discussions.


This module is at CQFW Level 7