Gwybodaeth Modiwlau

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Middle Irish Texts in Context
Academic Year
Semester 1
Mutually Exclusive
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Course Delivery



Due to Covid-19 students should refer to the module Blackboard pages for assessment details

Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Coursework  (Gwaith Cwrs)  40%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   60%
Supplementary Exam 2 Hours   Candidates will be required to retake the element(s) they have failed.  60%
Supplementary Assessment Coursework  Candidates will be required to retake the element(s) they have failed.  (Gwaith Cwrs)  40%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

You will be able to read excerpts from Middle Irish texts

You will be able to analyse the language of the texts chosen

You will be aware of some of the major linguistic changes which led from Old Irish to Middle Irish and from Middle Irish to Modern Irish

You will understand the background to the chosen text, and its significance in an Irish and a European context

Brief description

This module introduces the major developments in the Irish language from c. 900 onwards. In addition to the study of the grammar of the period, you will read selections from a text concerning the legendary hero Fionn mac Cumhaill. You will study the cycle of literature about this figure, in the context of Gaelic literature and European literature. In particular, this cycle will be compared to Welsh material about Arthur, and English material about Robin Hood.


• Fionn mac Cumhaill and the fíann: historical background
• Fionn mac Cumhaill and the fíann: the literary cycle
• Fionn, Arthur, and Robin Hood
• Extracts from Acallam na Senórach and/or other texts from the Cycle (approx. 12 sessions)
• Middle Irish phonology
• Middle Irish grammar: noun declensions etc. (2 sessions)
• Middle Irish grammar: the verbal system (2 sessions)

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Not relevant
Communication Written: clear articulation of ideas and analysis in written assignments. Verbal: class contribution, presentation and interaction.
Improving own Learning and Performance By independent research; tutor feedback on written work and oral contribution in class; developing time/work management skills; reflecting upon presentational skills and other written work.
Information Technology For research purposes (assignments and presentations); word-processing. Using electronic research and bibliographic resources; accessing Blackboard for course materials.
Personal Development and Career planning Not relevant
Problem solving By critical engagement (verbal and written) with intellectual concepts.
Research skills Through independent research for written assessment, presentation and oral contribution in class. Using electronic research and bibliographical resources
Subject Specific Skills Getting to grips with grammar, historical linguistics and issues of interpretation and contextualization of early medieval texts
Team work Not relevant


This module is at CQFW Level 5